Our quest of mastering 2D Creation

We started Foriero company in 2006. I remember our naivety about creating amazing apps without a real notion of what was (and still is) in front of us. The first app we did was painful for us and I guess it was also painful for Apple. But we were persistent and kept going and kept growing. This is actually the rule of thumb for every self-mastery technique. We gradually published more things and begun to work with amazing people around the world. As time went on we started to realize what our strengths and weaknesses are. We slowly landed on the ground of 2D where we feel good and creative. Today almost ten years later we can proudly say that we are masters in workflows and in the art of making 2D pipelines and assets. Please feel free to check our portfolio and we look forward to helping you have the same success we’ve achieved in our endeavoring.

We would like also to mention here that we share the same business and creation principles as Apple does. We are using Apple’s products from the smallest devices up to production computers. If you are not yet an Apple’s user we encourage you to check their website at www.apple.com, you will never regret it!

Kind regards, Marek Ledvina.