• We continue developing multiplatform apps for all publics and ages. Tell us about your project, we'd love to here it! In App Development we offer the following services:

      • Prototyping
      • Maintaining
      • Publishing
      • Version Control ( SVN, GITHUB, COLLAB )
      • Multilingual apps development
      • Unity UI
      • C# 7.3
      • Reactive programming - UniRx

      These are some of the apps we've developed:

    • Of course, publishing is hard work and we understand that... If this is the only part you are struggling with we are also happy to help! We offer the following services for this particular process:

      • App Store, Mac App Store, Google Play, Amazon Store, Windows Store
      • Icons creation
      • Store graphics creation
      • Promo video production

        These are some of the apps we've developed:

      • At Foriero Studio we believe that ‘Workflow Optimization’ is one of the most important things in every project, that’s why over the years we’ve developed a lot of Unity Tools to improve development times. Most of these tools are available for purchase in the Unity - Asset Store, and many others will be added in the near future.

        • Integrator Tool 2D ( LINK )
        • MIDI Unified 2018 ( LINK )
        • Mac App Store - Signed ( LINK )
        • Storeshots - Screenshots ( LINK )
        • Hard Links ( LINK )
        • Scene Manager ( Internal Tool )
        • Language Manager ( Internal Tool )
        • Audio Manager ( Internal Tool )
        • Music composition in any gender with special attention on orchestral music
        • Interactive music composition using techniques such as vertical layering, procedural and generic composition.
        • Foley recording
        • VO recording
        • Audio Assets edition
        • Audio implementation through middleware (Wwise)


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